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White gold Love Ring 18Ct D 0.17ct 3.21gm


Product description:

The Clear Diamond Solitaire Love Ring will make your loved one feel unique. Taking inspiration from the storey of Romeo and Juliet, and is hand-finished in sterling white gold with platinum. The ring has a thin polished band and a titled diamond-shaped stone. Such design can be layered with other solitaire love rings to form an asymmetric pattern, making it the perfect present for any special occasion.

With this beautiful ring, you can complete your appearance with classic beauty. The delicate pattern is embellished with crystal pave for that unique love ring. The ring is rhodium-plated and can be worn with any attire. It is a great present for an anniversary or any other event. Because of this, engagement rings are once again returning to more traditional designs.

  • This ring is featured with a unique diamond.
  • The ring is made from platinum-plated sterling White Gold, matching the sheen of the diamonds.
  • The diamond-sin this love ring is secured with a shared setting and weighs 18ct.

Primary Details:

  • RX 3854
  • NUMBER OF STONES:1 stone
  • HALO: None - None
  • SETTING METHOD:6 Claw - Standard
  • SHOULDERS: Single row - Tapered
  • DESIGN FEATURES: No gallery bar, V-claw
  • HEAD SIZES AVAILABLE:5; 6; 6.5; 7.5; 8; 9; 9.5; 9.7; 10; 10.5; 11
RX 3854


RX 3854
RX 3854
RX 3854
RX 3854